Our situation may not be as complicated or as worrying as it seems to me right now.
My wife has a serious mental health condition and is on ESA. We separated shortly after marrying earlier this year. She fell pregnant before this. She is now 6 months pregnant.
I have suffered from severe anxiety most of my life and began self-medicating with alcohol at a very young age.
Realising that alcohol was a massive problem I quit and was prescribed anti-anxiety pills and have been referred to a therapist.
My anxiety has got so bad now that I couldn't make it into work (it was a temp role but had been constant for the last few months). My gp has given me a sick note and I've decided I should go on benefits until I can sort my condition out.

My question is-
What is the best way to do this?
Should I claim ESA now and wait for a decision before moving in with my wife or move in and make a claim from my wife's address?
My wife's condition is quite severe and she does need constant care. At present she's not getting any apart from visits to her local MH Services.

She is very worried that if I move in her benefits might stop and we would be left without an income- a major trigger for her condition!

Any help would be great.