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Thread: My recently stolen tricycle

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    My recently stolen tricycle

    Good morning everybody,

    Following the theft of my tricycle which was widely discussed by you lovely people I have had to face the possibility I may never see him again. My relatives have been really great and rallied round wonderfully, the upshot being I have now been able to buy another one. I will never stop looking for "Ernie" but at least I will be able to get about again.

    Ernie ll is safely inside my house and will stay there until I have seen to security measures which I should have looked at before.

    Insurance. Can anyone suggest a good solid insurance company that has given them good service and quickly replaced stolen and damaged items without fuss? In these days with the TV. full of the "Confused", little "Direct-Line" telephones and "Meerkats" it is impossible to make a considered choice without the help of experience.

    Chips. Does anyone have any personal experience of the little radio chip that you conceal on your cycle and can be traced to where it has been hidden. And does anyone know of a company that sells these things and does not hire them out instead at huge cost?

    I would be really grateful for any info about these or any other means of security that people use to protect their stuff.

    Thanks, Les.

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    Well done and hope you get out and about using your new trike.

    Insurance company - if you already have house contents insurance you would be able to add your trike to it under 'specified items'

    Or try this company for a quote

    Bike tracker -

    Good quality bike U-lock -

    CCTV -

    Hope this helps

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    Thanks LT.

    Hello Lighttouch,

    Thanks hugely for all that. I will have a close look at all of it. I have it on good authority that if you want to insure something really valuable like a diamond tiara or a tricycle it is best not to tie it in with the house contents because it is usually so hemmed in with get out clauses like having to pay the first chunk yourself etc. etc. that you are not properly covered at all, but I have an open mind and I will look at all possibilities.

    In respect of the good quality lock I have now bought a very solid steel lock that has a built in alarm that goes off like the hounds of Hell in response to any sort of viabrations. If I had it before I would have heard Ernie being carted off - it is really loud. Being disabled is always a problem of course. I mean, what do you do when you get the front door open? I could not chase a lethargic tortoise. If I was lucky I might get to the end of the drive way in time to get the vehicle number but I would not guarantee it.

    Thanks again LT for all suggestions ( I really like the idea of a bike tracker. If they work right it is difficult to imagine anything better than a device that tells you exactly where it is now).

    Best regards,


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    I think that the idea of insuring it separately is a good one, as any future claim shouldn't impact directly on your main house insurance premium (though you'd have to mention it). The main impact would be on the, presumably smaller, specific premium like any bike insurance. Hope I'm right in this??!

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