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Thread: Well Done Philip Schofield!

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    Angry Well Done Philip Schofield!

    Good on him for doing this.Cameron obviously bottled it and didn't have a clue what to say.They're clamping down on people on benefits but well connected and rich paedophile criminals whether they're in politics or show business can walk about Scot free.There's one law for them and thousands of laws for us.

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    Maybe if more celebrities speak up, the rich MP's might listen??? (yeah, right!!!)

    The 'laws' are there to protect the rich & victimise the poor.....and disabled!

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    No he was irresponsible and foolish. He should be sacked.

    The stunt put an innocent man at risk and diverts attention from the very real crime of child abuse and the evil people who are engaged in it. We do not have trail by twitter in the country thank goodness. Do you remember the mob who attacked the pediatrician?

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