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Thread: To Work Or Not To Work???....That is the question......

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    Lightbulb To Work Or Not To Work???....That is the question......

    My husband and I were watching BBC Parliament yesterday when they were discussing people with learning disabilities that live in care homes and the abuse that they were receiving at the hands of the 'carers' but that the care homes were monitored, obviously not closely enough (or they knew and turned a blind eye, because people with learning disabilities are unable to make a complaint themselves and even if they do they are not listened to.) Or BBC's Panorama wouldn't have had to go undercover at Winterbourne House to reveal the truth.

    Then in the next sentence the MP's said that they wanted these people to go out and work.

    These people are obviously not able to live fully independently, then how could they possibly work, and when they are being abused in the 'care' homes, what is there to stop them from being abused at work, disabled people are scared to try to make a complaint because of the backlash of consequences afterwards.

    Our government are not concerned with people's health problems, vulnerabilities and disabilities all they are interested in is getting them out to work.

    I thought that the reason to work isn't only to contribute to society through taxation and National Insurance contributions, but to improve one's standard of living as one gets older, by working your way up the company's ladder.

    So they're saying that it is perfectly okay for a disabled vulnerable person to get a minimum paid job, which is all someone with a learning disability could expect (lets be realistic here), and at the same time someone with a physical disability could also get a job doing the same thing for the same wage at the same company. Yet the physically disabled person with a normal IQ could and probably would eventually work their way up to say 'supervisor or something' and get a higher wage but the person with a learning disability can only look on, feeling useless and worthless while their colleagues all work their way up leaving the learning disabled person stuck in the exact same job for life.

    My vulnerable husband and others with learning disabilities were forced to endure things like government schemes that put people with learning disabilities on a factory production line doing repetitive work when he was younger for very little money, it was basically slave labour and he had no choice but to do it, he felt raped of his dignity. He attended a school for disabled children but was unable to access the curriculum due to his cognitive impairments, he is not able to read at all and is colour blind and cannot remember names, phone numbers or addresses, is unable to use a phone, washing machine, DVD recorder, Sky TV menus or a microwave. He needs help constantly and cannot remember a list of commands of what is required of him in a work situation.

    People like myself who have a physical disability and a normal IQ want society to treat us no differently to able bodied people, however, people with learning disabilities 'problems' can't deal with normal social situations ie; the work place.

    Therefore, people with learning disabilities should not be tarred with the same brush as people with a physical disability and a normal IQ.

    There is, rather unfortunately, a trait within people with learning disabilities, in that they are what you might call 'pleasers'. They like to please others, and say yes to all sorts of things and some social workers and care/support workers take advantage of them. If a learning disabled person does try to stick up for themselves and gets frustrated by the lack of empathy from social workers etc and then bang a table or raise their voice just to try to be heard because they know that no-ones really listening to them and taking their complaint seriously, then social services just say calm down and ask if they want to see a psychiatrist and class them as mentally ill, when they are mentally disabled and vulnerable. They are blackmailed to calm down because they are scared of the consequences. Learning disabled people's voices are very rarely heard and these vulnerable people get shunted from pillar to post like sheep, often with very little say in anything about their life.

    My husband is unable to read or write at all and could not put his views across on here without me to write it for him!

    We look forward to hearing your views on this topic...
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    There are some responsible employers out there - my son, who has a learning disability worked at ASDA 10 years ago for a couple of years collecting trolleys in the car park - it was a menial job but was not minimum wage, and all four members of his then team at the time had attended the same special needs school at different times. 2 of them are still there and one has just clocked up his 25 year award. Obviously this wouldn't work for physical disabilities, although one of the 2 has a minor physical disability as well, but not serious enough to receive DLA. They are probably the most loyal of all the employees at the store.

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    I guess we are talking about the social injustice which is still such a big part of society. In a perfect world this wouldn't be an issue because people would be treated with the respect equality should bring. But there is no equality even though many spout on about it as if there were and try to convince us it exists. The only consolation, if you can call it that, is that your husband is probably worth so much more than his so called "betters".

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    agreed !! i think the same...

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