I'm a freshman at college and our big project is how to improve voting. My group has decided to target a specific group of people, instead of general voters. My group is trying to come up with prototypes on how to improve the voting process for the handicapped. If you could please help us out, it would be greatly appreciated.
If you could, just reply with your disability and to the best of your ability fill out these questions:

How do you vote? Alternative ballot or go to the booths?
Do you do it for local and federal government?

If you go to the booths -
1. How frequently did you vote?
2. Was it complicated?
3. Did you have someone assist you to the pole?
4. How did you get there?
5. How was the overall experience? Was it sufficient?
6. How did you know where the location to vote for was?

If you used the alternative ballot -
Was it easy to fill out?
How did you like the experience?
Was the process complicated?