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Thread: Off Road wheel chairs - Any events / reliability Trials / Competitions / parties?

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    Off Road wheel chairs - Any events / reliability Trials / Competitions / parties?


    Newbie here,

    I am new to this whole disability/lack of mobility game so I apologise if I make any terrible social blunders.

    I am/used to be (?) a keen mountain biker and often found the best way of deciding what new bike/upgrade I fancied was to go to bike events, races and similar. These always gave me a far more informed and honest opinion that shops and trade shows.

    I was wondering if there were any similar events in/near Hampshire for off road wheel chairs?

    I had a go in a Boma over the weekend and it was brilliant but I have nothing to compare it to. I can trawl around all the different suppliers and let them tell me how brilliant their chair is compared to the rest but what I really want is to talk to other users, see their kit, have a good laugh with races and competitions (nothing too serious) and generally see what is likely to work best.

    I am sure such stuff exists but if you can tell me about stuff, point me in the right direction it will save me days on Google being diverted to US sites.

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    Some one???

    Any one???

    Telling me am wrong is okay...

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    Lots of views but no replies. A few days of Googling has turned up nothing. I have decided to try and replicate the mountain bike event I run. None of this is confirmed yet and I haven't got beyond the first ideas stage but your feedback on this would be gratefully received. In fact, any feedback of comments are welcome, just so I know you are really out there.

    The Concept
    The CCC is an event where off road wheel chair users can come to meet, compare, test and compete. There will be a series of different contests and challenges to test the individuals and their machines in interesting and fun ways.

    The Event
    The CCC understands that people are all different in their needs, desires and abilities so has as many events as we can think of to cater for this. If the guests think of a new or better contest then we will either add it to the schedule or get them to run it as an unofficial event. These are not blood, sweat and tears events but rather just a fun way to meet other chair users and compare/brag about your kit. We don’t care if your chair is manual, electric, petrol or powered by kryptonite, just bring it along and there will be something you can take part in.

    The basic criteria are that however you move around, you should be capable of travelling off paved surface. This off road rule is there because the person who thought of the event was a mountain biker who organised off road bike events and wanted to do the same for chairs. The severity of off road will depend on the events you choose but minimum is an unsurfaced track and a grass lawn. The maximum is down to the individual and their machine with full on mountain bike trails and gravity track available for the adventurous.
    We are hoping that a number of the wheelchair manufacturers and distributors will come and show their wares but we do not want this to become a trade fare or a sales pitch. They will be able to show their latest goodies and listen to feedback. Hopefully they will use the opportunity to listen to the views of long term users to improve their designs. We also actively encourage anyone with home built machines to bring them.

    Rally Style staggered start Races
    There is a choice of different circuits available for these events but the idea is fairly simple. The contestants set off a minute or two apart and race around the track. The gap between people means we can run it on narrower and more fun trails plus there is always the challenge of the person in from and the threat of the person behind!

    Drag Strip Races
    Think Santa Pod on grass! Side by side with a simple, straight, short sprint. No real classifications unless you decide to have them. It could be a hand powered chair against a state of the art £10,000 machine. Who will get the power down best?

    Speed isn’t everything, sometimes you need control. If it looks like someone is too fast then we might just move the cones closer together, possibly during the race. ;-)

    Off Road Circuits
    The CCC isn’t just about races. There are loads of great trails and tracks to explore. Everything is open at all times except perhaps if there is a race on. If you are pottering around and hear someone belting up behind you, try to move over but it is their job to avoid you. We will mark some of the trails but also will try to find bits like steps or steep slopes for you to test you stuff.

    Consistency Trials
    So you don’t have the fastest bit of kit. So what? Are you the best at controlling it? Imagine having to do three laps of a circuit at what every speed you feel comfortable. We don’t care what your lap time is, we only care about the difference between laps.
    If you manage the laps in about 5 minutes but your lap times are all within 5 seconds of each other you will beat the person who did the laps in about 2 minutes but whose lap times varied by 10 seconds.

    Hill Climb
    Avon Tyrrell has a gravity track for mountain bikes to fly down doing big jumps. This will be available to the CCC as well but for this event we reverse it and try to climb to the top. There are steep slopes, cambered corners, gritty surfaces and squirrels so be ware.

    Manoeuvrability Trial
    So your rig is fast in a straight line but can it turn around corners? This event tests the manoeuvrability of the difference chairs with a variety of twists, turns, reversing etc

    Eating and Drinking
    I am not certain that this is actually an event but it certainly seemed popular at the bike events I used to run so we will have a food tent and a beer tent (other drinks available). We actively encourage chatting while eating and drinking.

    Suggestions please
    You lot have been in chairs more than me. Please tell me if there is something you want to do. I can’t guarantee to include it but will do what I can. This is your chance to make the CCC into the event that you want.

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    This is a very small site and as such probably not the best place to find what you are looking for re recruits to off roading. It sounds great fun though. Maybe look at Disabilty Sports Associations etc. Maybe broaden from wheelchairs to adapted off roaders, buggies etc.
    I'm sure you maybe onto something, but, as with the paralympics, you have a restricted number of able disabled.
    Good luck with it all, hope you succeed.

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    Thanks for the reply.

    As I said, I am new to this so don't really know my way around the various sites, who uses them and where the best places are to ask for advice on this kind of thing.

    I will definitely widen the category from wheel chair. Is there a generic term for all off road machines? I just don't want people turning up in Land Rovers!

    I am aware of the limited audience but I am hoping to piggy back this onto the end of the Big Bike Bash event. That way, all of the event set up has been done, there are courses laid out, there is a real ale festival, there are lots of people around to watch, cheer and help out as required. Also means that if we only get a handful of people turning up there will still be lots for them to do.

    I will be contacting any disability sports group I can find just as soon as I get the go ahead from the venue.

    Exciting times

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    Quote Originally Posted by WorldClassAccident View Post
    I will definitely widen the category from wheel chair. Is there a generic term for all off road machines? I just don't want people turning up in Land Rovers!

    Exciting times
    Widening the catogories is a good idea and why not include land rovers as a catogory if they are adapted for disability. The generic term is "off road".
    Great idea to piggy back another event. The only issue there would be if their insurance would cover your own event and health and safety criteria, both of which can be a nightmare to sort.
    The only issue I have is your reference to the availability of alcohol being a plus to the event.

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    Insurance is all covered. We basically take over the Youth Activity centre for the weekend. There is good disabled access to most parts with all the adapted toilets and showers etc that you would expect to find.

    Alcohol is only mentioned because the original BBB was Bike, Beers and Bands so we always have a real ale festival there. As this CCC will (for this year at least) probably share the same bank holiday Monday the facility will be there.

    There is accomodation available so if people have travvelled some distance they may be able to stay over night and so want access to the food and drink tents.

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