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Thread: Disabled Kintyre crafter breezes to freedom thanks to a TGA mobility scooter

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    Disabled Kintyre crafter breezes to freedom thanks to a TGA mobility scooter

    Disabled Kintyre crafter breezes to freedom thanks to a TGA mobility scooter

    Cecelia Lock, 43 from Saddell on the remote Scottish Kintyre peninsula, lives with a disability following a road traffic accident, however she has just regained true independence with a TGA ‘Breeze’ mobility scooter which is also enabling her to enjoy quilting and exhibiting with The Kintyre Crafters.

    Cecelia lives with her husband near Cambeltown, which is situated on one of the most picturesque parts of the Scottish coastline. Unfortunately Cecelia experienced a major collision in her car during 2008, which resulted in neurological and mobility problems. This terrible incident occurred only four weeks after she was married to Michael and resulted in her husband becoming a carer as well as wedded partner. Since that date, Cecelia’s mobility has become less and less each day and coupled with growing Agoraphobia, she has only been able to enjoy the outdoors as a car passenger or being pushed in a wheelchair. Independence alone was not an option until Cecelia was recently introduced to a TGA Breeze mobility scooter, which is the same model that appeared on BBC television earlier in the year winning a Top Gear extreme challenge.

    Living in such a rural environment would normally suggest that the use of a mobility scooter for independent freedom whilst driving over farm land, fields and off-road tracks would not be possible, however the Breeze has proven more than capable for Cecelia’s needs. Her new found ability to access the local community has also allowed Cecelia to join the local crafting group as she is now a proficient quilter and is planning to attend country fairs to showcase and sell her work. This therapeutic past time is so important for Cecelia’s well-being along with the ability to venture outdoors on her own terms.

    Cecelia has experienced a massive, positive change to her lifestyle since owning her Breeze mobility scooter as she explains: “Before owning my scooter, I was fully dependent on my husband’s assistance when going outside, either being pushed in a wheelchair or as a car passenger. Now I can choose when to go into town on my own and driving across the surrounding hilly farmland is no problem at all for my Breeze. I can visit Saddell Abbey, which is a beautiful and popular tourist spot and with my renewed zest for life I am really developing my crafting skills. I am now a member of the Kintyre Crafters Group that promotes the quality, hand made work available from skilled local people through craft fairs and exhibitions. I think keeping traditional skills alive is so important these days as everyone seems to be on a computer and nothing else. My group support local charities with donations and stalls at their various functions and is always on the look out for new members. I can honestly say, my involvement with the Kintyre Crafters would not have been possible for me without my TGA mobility scooter. It has changed my perspective on life and opened up a new world of opportunities. We even take it on holiday with us when visiting our caravan. When we are on holiday and away from roads, which I am still wary of following my accident, I can explore the local countryside on my Breeze, which is great for driving over rough terrain.”

    Cecelia is now beginning to think about possibly setting up a small business selling quilted materials and displays her work on Facebook for people to view alongside the Kintyre Crafter’s activities. She freely admits that the jargon of quilting can be a challenge and is self-taught from magazine courses, however with the support of her crafting group and previous knitting experience, Cecelia has already attained a high standard. With her quilting prowess now in full swing, Cecelia’s past time could lead to business success and further charity support, all assisted by her trusty TGA Breeze mobility scooter.
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