I've been with EON for a few years now.

I've got smart meters so I don't need to crouch down to read the meter - it's done automatically via wifi.

Last year I fixed payments and bought dual fuel, via Direct Debit and did it all myself online.

It's due for renewable next month so I scouted around on line.

Armed with competitive quotes I phoned EON to haggle a new deal I was so surprised to find the quotes offered by EON were hundreds of pounds more expensive than their competitors. However, the sales staff tipped me off and asked me to apply for the package she was offering over the phone and go online.

Armed with this info I went online and was offered the same package as on the phone but £220 cheaper as I was applying online.

My advice for what its worth. Don't buy a fuel package over the phone as you're throwing hundreds of pounds away. Get a friend to help you out on the internet and put the savings towards a holiday!