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    I am trying to find a flip phone, or clamshell I think they are also called, which has large font and easy to use keypad with numeric configuration.
    I would like to have the internet and possibly a camera. I would also like to be able to pre-programme a number that it will ring or text with the touch of one button - I have been told most phones can do this.
    My old phone was this - but without the camera.
    They all seem to come with calendars, alarm etc as standard which is good.

    This is proving quite difficult to find, as large font and easy to use keypads seem to mostly be on phones designed for elderly people and the assumption is that they need a simple phone and don't want any modern stuff on it. I have been to The Carphone Warehouse and another shop I've forgotten the name of and they were not very interested in helping me just had the updated version of Doro, as per link above. I really need to be able to see and feel it, unless I can get one on recommendation from someone, eg on this forum.
    I want to keep up with modern technology and not have to get a 'simple' phone just because they seem to be the only ones with big enough font and easy keypad.
    Any recommendations
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