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Thread: Remarkable 80-year-old Shropshire farmer continues to run farm thanks to TGA scooter

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    Remarkable 80-year-old Shropshire farmer continues to run farm thanks to TGA scooter

    Remarkable 80-year-old Shropshire farmer continues to run farm thanks to TGA mobility scooter

    Robert Maund, 80, from Betton Strange near Shrewsbury, Shropshire, is a unique and lively ‘character’ who now continues to manage his herd despite living with restricted mobility thanks to the assistance of a TGA Breeze mobility scooter.

    Robert has lived on Alkmere Farm since 1934 and continues to this day with a small herd of 40 ‘replacement heifers’. Apart
    from living with his elderly sister and hiring a few farm hands now and again, Robert is solely responsible for the management of his Holstein cows and farm operations in general. Even though he has undergone two hip replacements, Robert continues to feed and maintain his cattle, which would not be physically possible without his sturdy TGA Breeze mobility scooter. He uses the scooter to access all areas of his farmyard and surrounding fields as walking for lengthy periods of time are not an option for Robert.

    During his farming career, Robert has produced milk, reared and sold calves and grown crops for feed. He remains highly active for his age and believes retirement is not for him as he explains: “When I had my hips replaced my surgeon stressed to me that it was time for me to take life a bit easier. This unfortunately is not in my nature and I plan to continue farming for as long as physically possible. My mind still feels so young, but my body isn’t as strong these days so moving around the farm was getting difficult until I bought my scooter. I have farmed all my life and I am not ready to give up yet. Admittedly I have had to reduce my herd down in size with some animals indoors, some out, but I plan to continue with my work for many years to come. My TGA mobility scooter is such a robust piece of kit and is perfect for transporting small bales and buckets of feed around the farm, which saves me lifting and carrying. A bale will easily fit on top of the front basket and I can get two buckets on the floor-well. It also copes with the rough terrain in my fields and driving into barns and around the yard. Without my Breeze I reckon running this farm would be nigh on impossible.”

    The TGA Breeze is primarily designed to be a luxury mobility scooter for everyday use around town or in less commercial, rural situations. Nevertheless the supplier TGA Mobility believes as long as the mobility scooter is used safely, then Robert’s story is another example of the invaluable difference its products can make to levels of end user independence. Daniel Stone, TGA Managing Director comments: “Robert’s use of a TGA Breeze maybe unconventional, but it clearly demonstrates how this highly reliable mobility scooter can make a real positive difference to an individual’s freedom. Our products have now been trusted for over 25 years across the UK to deliver mobility with peace of mind. When you consider living with restricted mobility, especially in more isolated rural locations, the importance of being able to safely enjoy the outdoors is absolutely essential to well being and happiness which Robert has demonstrated once more.”

    The TGA Breeze mobility scooter as owned by Robert, won the BBC Top Gear Extreme Mobility Scooter challenge earlier in the year when it successfully negotiated a welsh mountain, whilst been driven by an disabled war veteran. In addition to Robert’s model, versatile TGA mobility scooters are safely used across the country for a variety of unique activities over and above daily mobility. These include dog agility training, organised ‘disabled rambles’, towing sailing boats and accessing the countryside for hobbies such as photography and fishing. The TGA Breeze also achieved a new World Record in June 2012 when it was driven for 24 hours non-stop by Steve Tarrant at the Mobility Roadshow, Peterborough, to achieve ‘The Greatest distance covered in 24 hours by a mobility scooter’.
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