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Thread: The pains of using a wheelchair whilst shopping

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    The pains of using a wheelchair whilst shopping

    Hi All
    Iím currently enrolled on a product design degree, and in this final year I have decided to create a product that improves the lives of disabled people.

    It would be extremely valuable if you could have a go at my questionnaire. Its just a few questions and it should be attached to this post.

    Alternatively please could you share with me some instances where you felt: let down by the effectiveness of any disabled products; dissatisfied with facilities provided by supermarkets (particularly using a shopping trolley); a product improved your standard of living. Any comment or idea you have will really appreciated and will help to start developing a concept.
    Thank you
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    1. Supermarkets are quite good for shopping with wheelchair, other shops especially WHSmiths,& Sports Direct are terrible as they pile stuff up high, block aisles and make access very difficult.
    2. i shop with a carer as i can not use my hands enough to reach for things.
    3. The clothing part of supermarkets are generally not totally accessible which can be a frustration.
    4. parking bays that are open to the elements mean i often get very wet by the time my carer has transferred me to my wheelchair.
    5. I do main shop on line as shopping is generally too difficult for me.

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    Jack, I've been giving this some more thought and wonder if you have searched other places where you could ask your questions so that you get a good cross-section of answers. Perhaps places like this might help you - e.g.
    You could also seek out any disabled groups in your area, easily found via internet or local library or local council. I will be interested to hear about your product when you get going with the project.

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