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    im with british now off the special tarriff for disabled as we now are supposed to recieve extra payments to help towards the bills....has anyone had a real good deal from their supplier,so i can consider my options of changing...thankyou and best wishes to all

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    I check utilities every six months or so to make sure I'm getting the best I can be, I'm with EON at the moment where I fixed my bill but I'm not in a fixed contract so I can come and go as I please. I guess it depends upon your situation in regards to what would work well for you - Good Luck!

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    We are with Southern Electric and have been for a few years. Not sure if we are on the best tarriff but we get a 5% Direct Debit on our Quarterly bills and at the end of the year 6% off the yearly total.

    Maybe we should look around for a cheaper supplier but cant do with the hassle.

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    There's absolutely no hassle when changing suppliers, Trickie Dickie. Simply put your post code into a utilities comparison site and you will be given the best options for your area and circumstances. Select the one you want, then the supplier deals with everything - informing your present supplier, keeping you informed of how the move is going and letting you know when you are on the new deal.
    I check at least annually to see if I can find a better deal.

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    im going to check out one of these search utility sites....i changed twice over the last 12 was easy to do....but with possible benefit problems ahead i feel i need absolute best option,,,

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    I'm with E-on the French utilities company.

    The best way to reduce your bills

    1 Buy both gas and electricity from the same supplier
    2 Pay by Direct Debit
    3 Ask for paperless bills.
    4 Fix the price for a year

    E-on are also planning on replacing old meters with 'Smart meters' - this way you can see how much your spending.

    FREE grants

    Luckily I got in 4 years ago and had loft insulation, cavity wall insulation and a replacement boiler over a number of years. Typically I see they've changed the criteria for who can apply. All I can say is I'm lucky I acted when I did!

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    thankyou lighttouch...great info,E-on have come out on top at 2 different energy sites so that will be my wishes to you

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