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Thread: Best flushing commodes

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    Question Best flushing commodes

    I am looking for a flushing commode/portable toilet. Bit baffled by the huge range of options available (if you include portable toilets for camping / caravanning) and the huge variation in prices. Can anyone recommend from personal experience one which is effective (ie odourless, easy to empty etc), doesn't need emptying/refilling too often and ideally not too expensive. Thanks

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    I can recommend the Fiamma BI-pot portable toilet, it's sold primarily as a camping toilet & is clean & convenient, smell free and fairly light.
    Costs about £50 but Lidl & Aldi both sell their own label ones cheaper & of course you can try ebay.

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    Thanks very much for your response. Will have a look online at the model you recommend. Would you say the manual flush on this model would be easy for someone with limited mobility / flexibiiity / strength to operate? I had been wondering about paying a bit extra to get one with an electric flush - I believe Thetford make one.

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    I've got a Thetford manual flush one for trips which seems good, but as I only use it for emptying bags, I can't vouch for its seating properties!

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