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Thread: Where is the best place to go on holiday in the uk?

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    Where is the best place to go on holiday in the uk?

    What's the best holiday to go on in the UK? I'm not interested in camp sites but cottages, hotels or self catering would be fine. Accessibility not a problem as nobody has a mobility disability.

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    downham market, norfolk
    that really depends on personal taste, while some prefer sandy beaches and would tell you head south, some may prefer a golf holliday and tell you to go somewhere else (which i guess it would be south anyway as thats where the best weather is anyway).
    have you tried tripadvisor?? theres lots of reviews there and that can give you a indication wether the site will be a good one or not

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    Rosedale Abbey in N Yorkshire is a lovely little place. It is in the N Yorkshire moors, within easy reach of the coast and convenient to explore the area. There is a b+b there that is very welcoming and has views over the dale. They can't do enough for you and are very welcoming. The 2 rooms they have are extremely comfortable. Tried and tested. Prices are on a par with others. I can recommend it highly and no I am not a relative or the owner.

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    Portmerion cottages

    Here's a link to a lovely village in North Wales where they fimed the 'Prisoner' many years ago.

    The Prisoner appreciation society staged in Portmerion
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    Cornwall is good for the disability side of things, Penzance area is nice.

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    my best place for UK holiday is Suffolk and Norfolk. Plenty of beaches, history etc.

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    As a local to this place I would suggest The Lake District, however we went to the Norfolk Broads last year and it was brilliant - I even mastered reverse parking a 40 foot barge!
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    I like west midlands with lot of beautiful places.I go there in last June when I was on a business trip.Actually I was there to get registered my new business portfolio in London. I just share here as I really enjoyed this.

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