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Thread: Towing a caravan

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    Towing a caravan

    Many people who are disabled use a caravan for getaways as it is more convenient than using a hotel or B & B. In my case overseas travel would be very difficult. Unfortunately Motability have cut the number of suitable automatic vehicles that can safely tow a large caravan down to almost nil.
    The maximum weight of our caravan which is a twin axle is 1800kg, but there are no suitable automatics 4 x 4s up to the job on Motability. Also due to the new restrictions on buying on HP has now placed these vehicles out of our reach.
    It is highly unlikely you will find a decent 4 x 4 vehicle for under 16,000 from a Motability dealer that will tow a caravan weighing 1800kgs. I feel almost as if we are now being penalised.
    We are on Pension credit with DLA for myself and lower DLA for my wife plus we have two very small occupational pensions. We have good to excellent credit rating, but all the suitable vehicles that are affordable to us, i.e. '56 Jeep Grand Cherokee @ 10,000 is from a non motability dealer which takes us out of the equation as lenders do not want to lend to retired people even though you have a good credit rating. Ideally we would like a Land Cruiser, but we cannot afford that.
    We do not want to buy one of the unknown vehicles to us like a Kia or Hyundai as we are concerned about reliability issues as we will be wanting to keep the vehicle as long as possible. In addition as we live in a rural village transportation is essential especially in winter.
    Can any one advise us on a way forward as we would like to put my mobility allowance towards a purchase where we will see some return after several years? Thanks.

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    this is nit an area I can help with perhaps others can?

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    It's a pity that this is another example of how Motability are ceasing to actually provide vehicles that actually meet the needs of disabled people.
    I realise that to really help myself and my family (5+dog) the ideal vehicle will be an automatic VW Caravell or a Kombi-Van. We need to tow as well and these vehicles have a higher gross towing weight than a lot of the smaller 4x4s.

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    Quote Originally Posted by littlebib View Post
    this is nit an area I can help with perhaps others can?
    meant to say not, sorry all

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    Problem is that as far as motability are concerned getting from a to b is all they look at and towing a caravan does not come into it even though we was thinking of getting a caravan but like I said motability don't look at caravans , other options are to buy a vehicle which can tow your caravan.
    I know what you might want to hear but that's the options .

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    a real shame

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