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    Following on from my last post yesterday.The guy also asked if I was disappointed that my search for a job in the past 2 months since becoming a "Jobseeker" again, had proved fruitless.I said "No! It was just what I expected." Do they really believe that a directive from Cameron to the DWP saying- let's pretend that the disabled punters now signing on aren't actually disabled- and they'll all mysteriously be employable has a tiny snowballs chance in hell of working?It's like something from Monty Python.A 54 year old disabled long-term unemployed socially excluded old f***** like me is a good prospect for any employer?I wouldn't employ me!I've got higher standards than employing the likes of me.I can barely string a sentence together on this site without using the f*** word ,the b****** word or even the c*** word.How unemployable does that make me?

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    i used to have stalls in the markets,these words are commonly about applying for a grant to start up your own business,

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    As I mentioned on another thread try claiming Discrimination on the grounds you're fucking disabled

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    There isn't any disability discrimination in the workplace anymore.We're all on a level playing field.That's what Dave says so it must be true.

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