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Thread: Trying to get better interest rates.

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    Trying to get better interest rates.

    I don't know about you but I have some ISA savings that I just left in a bank on really low interest rates so inflation is eating away it's value.

    So yesterday I digitally transferred some to a Virginmoney 2 year fixed rate ISA. No problems. And today I'll visit Manchester City Centre to join the Virgin Lounge. I'd call it a creche for adults. I'll be able to pop in the Lounge any day, get free coffee, buscuits/cakes, use of laptops, free newspapers, even play a grand piano - if only I could play and chat with other members who visit for a warm up - all very accessible too.

    They even offer free space for community events.

    Virgin Money Lounges are based in Cardiff, Edinburgh, Glasgow, London, Manchester, Norwich and Sheffield

    I've also used the internet only Atom bank for better interest rates -

    Have you got any tips - keep it clean now! lol

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    Shifted a few from ISA holdings to 3 to 5 year bonds so to at least beat inflation. (3%, 2,7%, 2.5%)
    3 ISAs retained in managed stocks and shares, one started when ISAs started, other 2 about 12 years running. Healthy gains.
    Max holding Santander 123 interest and cashback
    TSB account run at always over £1500 so interest bearing
    Bought a £20k annuity at the right time that pays £80 per month and passes to spouse on death.
    NI stamps maxed so full state pension when it starts on March 6th!

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