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Thread: Employment - Fire at will

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    was watching the news this morning when they were going on about letting companies fire employees at will all from the mouth of Vince Cable.

    In my opinion this coalition has been hammering on about people getting jobs, hammering those on sickness benefits to get jobs but at the same time where is the incentive in taking up employment if companies can just fire people when they want.

    to me Vince Cable just hasn't got his head screwed on right and this is a sure way of putting people off getting jobs.

    if people are to take up employment then there has to be some incentive not going down the route of taking people's rights from them.

    another big money saving scam to stop people claiming unfair dismissal.


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    Many companies prefer to take on 'Temps'. This way they can road test their skills, check out if they are a team player then hire or fire after trial period. So nothing is new. And if companies wanted to save money they can downsize, shed staff without tribunals etc due to the fragile economy.

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