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Thread: Fanatical fishermen with disability continues lifelong hobby thanks to Top Gear & TGA

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    Fanatical fishermen with disability continues lifelong hobby thanks to Top Gear & TGA

    Fanatical fishermen with disability continues life long hobby thanks to Top Gear featured TGA Breeze mobility scooter

    John Crome, 50 from Beccles, Suffolk, has been a keen fishermen since the age of six and despite becoming less mobile due to medical issues, has been able to continue his life long passion thanks to a new TGA Breeze mobility scooter which he first saw on BBC Top Gear.

    Before retiring, John spent most of his working career at Norwich Union managed pensions for a large number of individuals including several celebrities such as the cricketer Nasser Hussain. John was encouraged to pick up a rod from an early age by his father from Hertfordshire. They would regularly visit the local lakes and the river Lea simply equipped with a tin of maggots, a 50p day ticket and their rods, which has left fond memories with John. When John relocated 25 years ago, he continued his hobby however over a period of time his mobility and eyesight became restricted due to diabetes and other factors which seriously impacted on his freedom. Without the ability to drive a car or walk very far, John feared he would have to pack his rods away for good as he explains: “I had fished around Waveney for several years catching Roach, Bream and even a 12lb Carp, however my ability to reach the river was dwindling due to ill health. It was only when I saw the TGA Breeze win the BBC Top Gear extreme mobility scooter challenge that I realised this model could potentially help me access the riverbank once more. I enquired about leasing a Breeze on the Motability scheme with TGA’s dealer in Suffolk, Beactive Mobility and within a matter of weeks I was mobile again.”

    The TGA Breeze S4 GT is an enhanced version of the Breeze mobility scooter with wider rear wheels and a more powerful battery – a popular choice across the UK especially in more rural locations. John selected the GT version as it delivers all the independence he needs to access the riverbank and even though it is primarily a luxury ‘around town’ mobility scooter, the Breeze has given him off road capability, a 30 miles range on one charge, a large rear lockable box for storing tackle and an orthopaedic swivel seat. Equipped with an optional all weather canopy, John’s Breeze is the perfect mobility scooter for extended periods spent sat on the riverbank, whatever the weather.

    The Breeze brand from TGA has an established and respected reputation for providing exceptional reliability, comfort and build quality. Modern aesthetics reflecting the latest automotive design can be seen throughout the chassis mouldings and the all round suspension and shock absorbers deliver the safest, most stable ride available today. The rear transaxle motor delivers all the power and performance John needs when traveling in the countryside and can negotiate a 9.5o slope with ease, which was clearly demonstrated on a Welsh mountainside during an episode of BBC Top Gear.

    John continues, “Now I have my Breeze I regularly cast off in the Beccles harbour with my compact 9ft carbon fibre F2 Fladen rod, landing net, reel and tackle which can all be carried easily on the scooter. I can also take my crutches as handy carrying clips have been installed so when I land a catch, I can stand briefly by the river, which is really handy. Before owning my Breeze I had tried one of those five wheel models from a different supplier however I was not impressed with the build quality, they felt flimsy. Shaun at Beactive explained how many people trust their Breeze and I can now see why. I have had so many magical moments when fishing, they may sound simple such as a Kingfisher perching on the end of my rod, but they are what I thrive upon as do so many other keen anglers. I am an active member of the angling community and always advocate the correct use and protection of our waterways. The more people that use our rivers in an appropriate manner throughout the fishing season, the more they will be protected. This Breeze scooter opens up the joy of fishing to so many people with restricted mobility which I think is fantastic.”

    Tim Ross, TGA National Sales Manager concludes, “John is yet another amazing example of countless individuals across the UK who have been able to continue with a life long outdoor hobby thanks to a TGA mobility scooter. As a team we are fully committed to ensuring all people needing help with mobility, are given the opportunity to experience improved well-being outside of their home with unquestionable peace of mind.”
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