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Thread: Transport Issues for Disability Awareness

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    hope you complained

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    That is the company I have had all my problems with but was reluctant to mention the name.

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    The trains should be like they are in Spain, one carriage on every train is for disabled access, it's lower, a ramp slides out and you go into a designated space and they even have a full accessible disabled toilet

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    french tgv trains are good but the local ones not so good

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    Hi all
    I’m currently enrolled on a product design degree, and in this final year I have decided to create a product that improves the lives of disabled people. It would be extremely valuable if you could share with me some instances where you felt: let down by the effectiveness of any disabled products; dissatisfied with facilities provided by supermarkets (particularly using a shopping trolley); a product improved your standard of living. Any comment or idea you have will really appreciated and will help to start developing a concept.
    Thank you

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    will have athink and post if i can

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