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Thread: Seen it all now

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    Seen it all now

    Whilst I was in the local garage filling up I met another happy Motability car 'owner' driving his spanking new car.
    Thing is this guy is an alcoholic, a couple of years ago he was told that unless he stopped drinking he would be dead within the year. Over the years he has drunk away his money, his wife and kids, his house the list goes on & on.
    No doubt he is suffering some illness as a result of his excess but it amazes me when I see drink/drug addicts & even the obese getting the award then going on to hear about others being refused DLA.
    Life is not fair!

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    its a sad life tinker,hope he aint gonna drive it while have a little tipple,my mum was a alcoholic,she never stopped ,i watched her die a dreadful death....she used to hide it up ,it ruined her life and the lives of me and my 2 brothers and sister

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    I think you need to have lived with an alcoholic to understand the devastating affect it has on the person and those around them. It is an awfull illness and generally not curable as the causes are complex and not at all selfish as they appear.
    Having said that there does seem some irony in giving DLA mobilty to an alcoholic.

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