We're producing two films for the BBC's Inside Out strands - one for their London programme, and one for the West region (covering Bristol, Bath etc) - on the subject of accessible rented housing and the problems young people face when it comes to finding and securing the appropriate accommodation to enable them to live an independent life.

We're looking for one contributor from each region who is genuinely looking (or planning to look) for a new rented home within the immediate future - whose journey we can follow over a given period of time, to see whether or not they're able to find what they're looking for.

It would be great if you were able to pass this onto anyone who might be interested, or willing to pass onto those who are. Crucially, they'll need be from either of our two focal regions (London and West) - but that aside, we're very interested to hear from absolutely anyone.

If they can get in touch with me directly (chloe@markthreemedia.com) with some info about themselves and any related experiences, that would be a great help.