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    hi all ,ive just seen on bbc interactive that half the over sixties work force is either sick or is out of work,,,so does that mean that if your over 60 placed into wrag group that the goverment are enhancing your life....i think not....what chance does a person who has personal health problems or disability problems stand getting a job against someone who is 35 fit been to university or has exam things....all i can say is there are going to be a lot of car park attendants...where the goverment will create jobs and give us the oppurtunity they promised us:

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    You made a good point there. The government does promise jobs for everyone but that's the first question that I always think... where are these jobs coming from? It's difficult for anyone who get a job today so if you have anything goes against you, whether it be disability, age or even being a single mum trying to get by, I have no idea which employer would chose that person over a healthy, single, 30 year old who doesn't have a care in the world. Bottom line, the government can do a lot, but creating jobs for the masses is in my opinion a little too optimistic.

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    yep,where are the jobs also where will the money come from....not to mention all them teenagers out of work,what are they gonna do,PAPER ROUNDS,oops cant find a question mark. harri i think dave (cameron) was misguided it just disabled who are getting stick or is it everybody,stay happy

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    Hitler would be proud. He targeted the Jews, gypsies, non-whites and the sick and disabled to be exterminated. The modern day Conservative-Lib-Dem parties are carrying on that proud tradition of targeting those who cannot defend themselves.
    It seems that every state that is in difficulties needs a scapegoat; forget the Thieves that walk the halls of Westminster and the sycophants who lick the Cameron\Cleg arse. Never mind about the billions that the Arabs and huge companies fail to pay in taxes sorting these out wouldn’t solve anything would it?.... No the problem is the people out of work and the sick and disabled let’s get in there and give em a right good kicking!!

    Seriously no one would disagree that the welfare system has got out of hand and needs some serious overhauling to make it viable but the idea of admitting that someone is not fit for work and then forcing them to do courses and unlimited unpaid work experience is tantamount t
    o what they did and they called them names like Birkenau and Auschwitz under the Nazis. The French don’t give a monkeys what happens to the British is that why the Reich Chancellor sorry I mean Prime minister gave them the job of destroying a person’s dignity with little or no chance of defending themselves?
    There plans Take the phrase “work sets you free” to a new level is this to be placed over all the DWP offices.

    Horror stories abound regarding this new Bill, Most will have seen the channel 4 documentary about people in mental hospitals in a catatonic state being passed fit for work and the chap with a bad heart who was waiting for a bypass was also passed fit for work so he cleaned his car and dropped dead. Even those who are put on the support section (unfit for work) can and will have their benefit reduced by £71 if they fail to do as they are told or fail to conform to instructions without good reason and the person who decides what is a good reason will be made by someone who has no understanding or training in the area of a particular persons disability.

    The simple fact is that they have to pay less on ESA than DLA

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    The ruling 'elite' who promise us these jobs have never wanted for anything in their privileged lives. They claim more in expenses than we get to feed our families.

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    There used to be tonnes of jobs back in the days of full employment up to the mid-70s.Since then there's been a massive decline.Can any of you remember when they had people with learning difficulties working as roadsweepers and such-like?Now there would be at least a couple of hundred fit and active people chasing any job like that.

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    hey jaicee58, ive just learnt there are 904,000 people who have been unemployed for over a year....i wonder how many of these were former ib recipients,im so worried not just for myself but for all genuine disabled people,this country is going to pot

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    There are 2,5 million unemployed.
    There are 500,000 job vacancies.
    So if every job vacancy was filled that would still leave 2 million. So go get a job that doesn't exist or we'll stop your benefit because don't blame capitalism,corrupt banking and the world recession it's created for your lazy attitude.

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    how much can a car park attendant earn with bonus,overtime and extras....and another point if dave cameron did all this to help the disabled why didnt he make work related group volountry and also why did he stop wrag group their money after a thinking of moving to a more friendlier sudan a warm country?

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    hi im just askng for advice from ur users im currently in reciept of DLA lower rate for care and mobility however since this was awarded my health has deteriorated i was diagnosed with osteoporosis earlier this year in the last six months i have broken both my hip and my knee my mobility is very restricted and i have to take morphine 4 times a day to cope at all my husband thinks i should apply for a review of my dla to take account of the deterioration in my health however im scared to do this in case i end up with nothing at all has anyone been n a similar situation

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