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Thread: Paralympic games ending ceremony

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    Paralympic games ending ceremony

    Oh god that was sensational. Well that brought tears, smilees and cheers to me. Loved it from start to finish - glad I've recorded it too.

    Liked the battered makeshift vehicles buzzing around, cando dance company, para-orchestra and of course Coldplay. Sorry but I'm a Coldplay fan and that was a superb setting for a concert. I thought the whole show was inspirational - loved it.

    And my ex boss texted me to say we must meet yup soon. She was obviously tuned into the show. A young married lady - Oxford graduate with a mane of long red hair and porcelain white skin and velvet kissable lips. We used to eet up secretly to dine out by candlelight after work a few times a month. Shhhh - mum's the word - the only aspect of work I really missed. lol

    Looking forward to seeing her later this month . . . . I digress - I will miss the games but throw myself into cycling again after my knee operation.

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    i agree lighttouch they were brill....i enjoyed watching the sports particulary the wheelchair races,i think they were going as fast as some of the drivers around here along the country roads....yes well done to everyone of every nation for competing,and to all the organisers

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