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Thread: Learning to drive a bus as a disabled person

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    Learning to drive a bus as a disabled person

    Is it possible? Where can I learn to drive a bus, or do I have to buy one for myself ? I have a driving license but only for cars. Thank you.

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    i'm not sure, maybe ask local bus companies

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    Quote Originally Posted by colin_21 View Post
    Is it possible? Where can I learn to drive a bus, or do I have to buy one for myself ? I have a driving license but only for cars. Thank you.
    depends on whats wrong with you as a bus comes under a differnt licence PCV and the medical is differnt than for car LGV

    look here

    tells you for each problem car lorry and bus

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    My mistake... I forgot to mention: I am a double leg amputee, so I do drive only with my hands. Thanks for the link, I will study it.

    I just did... It is just a form to see if I would be able to drive. I know I am able, how do I go from there? Where could I find an instructor with a bus for disabled? Or at least one with automatic gearbox. How do I take the exam? Do I take it in a DVLA bus or I have to buy one and adapt it... ?
    Thank you.

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    You need to 'Google' the following "PCV Driving School" and include your area in the search.

    For me I'd Google "PCV Driving School Lancashire".

    You'll then have to ring around the companies and ask them the question.

    Sorry I couldn't be of more help.
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    good luck.

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    When I was a bus driver before my accident there was a chap who had crutches and his legs didn't work very well, and yes he didn't get the job as on health grounds as he couldn't drive the bus with out adaptions and to adapt every bus in the fleet would cost mega and he couldn't climb stairs and the canteen was up stairs.

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    buses cater for diabled users, perhaps not drivers

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    An interesting question, colin_21, do let us know what you find out - good or bad. Whilst not comparative, I had to give up my small taxi business when I became ill as I was physically unable to assist my pasengers with luggage etc. I know I would no longer pass the medical for it either. So, I'm presuming that you need a reasonable level of fitness and personal mobility in order to be a bus driver in the conventional sense. I presume that, in an emergency, you would need to take charge and be responsible for assisting in the evacuation of your passengers etc etc. Just guessing.
    Moving away from conventional bus driving, it might be worth investigating the possibility of running your own bus on a private basis - airport runs, holiday runs, company outings, sub-contracting, that sort of thing. Obviously you'd need a few bob behind you and a good business plan. My thinking in this is that you might - and that's a pretty big might - get around any physical fitness requirements for your licence by employing / having a partner who could perform those tasks you wouldn't be physically able to.
    VOSA might be the agency to contact initially. Or not, I don't know, but their website is here.

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    tfl is doing more for disabled access

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