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Thread: Call For Support to sign e-petition against Disability Benefits Cuts in UK

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    Call For Support to sign e-petition against Disability Benefits Cuts in UK

    Dear everyone

    There is a huge controversy at the moment with the UK govt deciding to cut benefits & services to people with disabilities. For reasons best known to themselves, the Govt is using a non-UK profit oriented firm called 'ATOS Healthcare' to determine who qualifies as fit for work. As a result, genuinely disabled people who are unable to work, including those with cancer, are being forced off benefits to fend for themselves. According to DPAC (Disabled People Against Cuts), there have been over a thousand instances of disabled people dying, including suicides, after ATOS had deemed them fit for work.

    The disabled community in UK is trying to get the Govt to stop and review this process. I call for your support in this, by asking for signatures for the e-petition entitled: "Stop and review the cuts to benefits and services which are falling disproportionately on disabled people, their carers and families", located online at:

    In order for the issue to get a hearing before the House of Commons, the e-petition needs 100,000 signatures by 1st November 2012. Currently it has only 46,000 signatures.

    I seek your support to add your signature to the e-petition. Thank you with all my heart.


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    Currently it has only 46,132 signatures

    53,869 signatues to go... yes that 100,001

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    Just signed it.Everyone , disabled or not should sign this.These bastards have taken away the safety net for all of us .Take ill or become disabled and you're stuffed.Unless of course you just happen to be an Old Etonian with an offshore bank account.

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    On a Sky News report Friday 31 August 2012:
    {{{"Disabled and anti-cuts campaigners have been rallying all over the country for the last week because they claim the tests for people on disability benefit by the IT firm and Paralympics sponsor Atos are "damaging and distressing"."

    Molly Solomons, a spokeswoman for UK Uncut, said around 150 people had taken part in the protest at Atos's headquarters, with a further 30 moving on to the DWP building.

    She said: "We are doing this to highlight that Atos, a sponsor for the Paralympic Games, is receiving £100m from the Government in the hope they will assess people with disabilities and get them off benefits.

    "This is due to a political and ideological choice which harms disabled and sick people, not an economic necessity."

    On Tuesday activists cut off traffic with a road blockade in Cardiff and on Wednesday they delivered coffins to Atos."}}}

    These coffins were to represent the people who had either committed suicide or had died from heart attack or other stress related deaths which have been directly attributed to the new work capability tests being a contributing factor.

    My husband just said after I read him the above news report "What are they going to say next?; 'lessons have been learnt.' But at what cost, how many more disabled people will die? and all they will say is 'lessons have been learnt!' or will they let it continue? They will get away with it because they are the government, once they make something into legislation then it is law and we are screwed"

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    To, macmcmacintosh,

    Hope you don't mind, but I have just posted the request for signatures including the link to the petition on to 3 different Disability rights groups pages on facebook. I sure hope this helps to get the numbers up, we don't have much time.....

    P.S. I have just signed it too!!!!

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    Signed and shared on the social media platforms!

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    I don't know if it can be tweeted as I don't have a twitter account, and I don't know how it works. But if anyone who reads this does know then please, if it is possible, help by tweeting this request for signatures for this petition!!!

    Many, many thanx

    Force Majeure x

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