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Thread: How's everybody doing?

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    in a world of my own ...
    Hi Rae, you didn't half confuse me for a moment! I wonder how long it'll be before people confuse our posts? Welcome!
    Best wishes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RaeUK View Post
    Hi Rae, you didn't half confuse me for a moment! I wonder how long it'll be before people confuse our posts? Welcome!
    Best wishes.
    *Laughs* This could be fun! Thankies x

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    this forum is so lucky .....2 rae,s.....OF SUNSHINE...thanks to both of you for great postings which have really helped me

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    Hi everyone how are you all doing its very cold her tonight in NI

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    Quote Originally Posted by disABLEdguy View Post
    As a person with a disability what kind of problems do you face when it comes to your everyday tasks? Do you have a fix for this problem?
    I dont think I have many problems as such, you soon learn to live with health problems ......... the only thing ? still a problem is one of my newer problems is loss of sight been 2 years now but the kids and wife still hold things up and saw look at this

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    I am new to this disabled game and as there is a chance I may walk again I am not sure my opinions count.

    At the moment I am going through the honeymoon period with lots of friends and family being understanding. I guess that this will wear off quite quickly.

    I am still really struggling with my inability to do basic stuff. I am currently on crutches with zero load on one leg and a broken wrist that makes using the crutches painful. Four weeks and I have left the house twice other than hospital. I know there are others far worse of than me but sometimes that thought is not quite enough.

    I have managed to keep my job so far which is lucky as I am the only wage earner but not certain about the future. Doc is happy to say I should wait until after Christmas and the he will decide what to do. Not useful for planning.

    Sorry, this was meant to be happy reply but then I started typing what I was really feeling.

    On the bright side, it is still better than the alternative.

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    Just retread my post but can't delete it.

    Please read it as - I am so glad to have such supportive friends and family and am looking forward to positive news soon! Living the (slightly amended) dream

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    Hi everyone I'm new to this site/forum so bare with me while I try to work my way around it. I live in 'not so sunny today' Qld and have severe osteoarthritis. At the age of 42 it wasn't on my 'list of things to do' but thems the breaks I have good days & bad and I think a downfall for me, like others of you have mentioned, is meeting friends/getting out and about. I'm known as a bit of a stubborn b*%#@ when it comes to accepting help but I have noticed in the past few months I'm getting more & more - cant be bothered with anything/anyone anymore. I'm hoping by joining 'youreable' might give me the kick up the a*% that I need I look forwards to chatting with you all at some point and even better, form some great friendships! Enjoy your Sunday and until next time - take care, take it easy, & keep on smilin!

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