Well I don't know about you but I am enjoying watching the cycling and athletics.

As I'm sure you're aware these games started at Stoke Mandeville where spinal injured soldiers were rehabilitated through sport to increase their well being and give a sense of achievement. The other reason why the German doctor wanted the vetrens to become tax payers - so now you know why ATOS was one of the sponsors of this years Paralympics.

It also makes me wonder if ATOS is checking out these double amputees regarding DLA mobility - if you can move over 200 yards in 20 seconds using flippers to run with then you don't need help getting around - do you?

I do feel like a coach potato watching these games however I do get out on a trike twice a week doing a doze laps at my local all abilities cycling club followed by tea and biscuits - well we can't all be super crips!