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Thats no different than the person who got no exam results at school because they did not wwork will end up flipping burgers at mac D

you can only work to a level you are able to manage ........ you could say the person with the learning disability is more disabled than someone in a wheel chair when it comes to work IMO of course
Someone who 'flips burgers' who got no exam results can still go to night school or college to get exams, they can still work their way up or leave and get a better job, they can still better themselves.

My husband can't read the computer screens that tell the cooks how many burgers to 'flip' and can't remember a list of commands ie; an order of food.

When there are no more disability benefits which are supposed to give a disabled person a better standard of life to that which they could achieve for themselves then don't bother going on protests to keep your motability car because you are normal and don't need to be propped up by this wonderful charity. People fought for many years to get support and now no one cares about it.

People don't understand learning disabilities, if your brain don't work properly then it doesn't work...end of!!! You can't push yourself to do better, you try, but end up feeling very frustrated and useless because your brain can't do it....you end up feeling abused by people trying to push you to do better, but if this is the new model of society then there is a very bleak future in store for those with a learning disability 'PROBLEMS', my husband is a very loving, caring man and I wouldn't be without him.