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Thread: London Congestion Charge & Motability

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    Thumbs up London Congestion Charge & Motability

    Now, they don't seem to advertise this fact so it came to me as quite a pleasant surprise.

    If your car is registered for zero-rated tax (is currently classed as disabled on the tax disc) then you don't need to register your car on the TFL website, your car is exempt.

    This also means that your Motability car is also automatically exempt.

    What a relief, as I accidentally (took the wrong turn in London) drove through the congestion zone on my way back from an interview.

    Hope this info helps others and saves them £10 and prevents the stress and worry thinking you may get a fine!
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    Ha ha Paul - this is quite funny as another thread about blue badges is almost at the point where the wording 'disabled' on tax discs will be scrapped. That'll throw the cat among the pigeons!

    What wording could we use on the revised free tax disc

    - invalid
    - exempt
    - freebie
    - scrounger
    - handicapped
    - no fee
    - yippie!

    Any suggestions - something more sexy perhaps

    - 50 shades!

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    Erm,,, lightouch,,, it's an automated system it doesn't rely on or have anything to do with the wording on the disc, in fact it's another example how with technology you can be a motorist with a disability and benifit from the concessions available with anonymity as it should be and as it is for everyone else

    Turn right at the end of my road and I am in the CC zone, it is licence plate recognition as with the Olympic tempory parking in east london

    Did you think the CCTV operative would manually zoom in on your tax disc? To check?

    I have suggested exempt by the way, but thanks for your suggestions!?

    Oh and also if you hold a blue badge in its current form you can place 2 reg numbers with the scheme and if you are a passenger in a car in the CC zone you make a phonecall to avoid the charge, also don't need to live in
    London so good idea to go ahead and get registered

    Its a great scheme backed by a simple and effective system


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    its a nice system, exemption is based on the car, not the person

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    My husband and I are both disabled and we are not embarrassed or ashamed to have the word Disabled on our tax disc, why are so many disabled people trying to eradicate disability, if you don't have a 'label' then you don't get any help or support, so it seems that many disabled people are saying they don't need help or support, which we know must be untrue so why oh why are people trying to change things.....If it aint broke, don't try to fix it!!!

    The new term now for learning disabilities is learning problems, however, as it is only recognized now as a problem rather than a disability then you are no longer entitled to any help or support, adult social care don't want to know about your 'problems' they only care about disabled people so now, learning disabled people are being left out and adult social care's focus is now more or less solely on the elderly people and physically disabled people.

    Our son has 3 learning disabilities, ADHD, Dyspraxia and Aspergers Sydrome, also is severely asthmatic. His school wouldn't and couldn't give him the support he needed because doctors now write things like he shows signs or symptoms of Dyspraxia, the county council would not accept this letter as a diagnosis. The school asked us to ask the doctor to give an actual diagnosis, which he then did, he said that the school was being 'pedantic' about it, but it was the county council that would not help without a diagnosis. The doctor said that they don't like to 'label' people and some parents don't like it. However, without a 'label' / 'diagnosis' you can't get the help and support needed.

    We have had to fight for every bit of support our son and us have needed. People have fought for decades to get to where we are now, and mostly, eventually it works, but if people keep trying to change the wording it will all have been for nothing.

    Where does all this information and views go, do these forums ever help to make positive changes in peoples lives or are we all just rambling on talking to ourselves ??????

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    I'm guessing that the news and views of disabled people on this site doesn't go any further as it's here for support. It allows you to say what you think in a safe environment with like minded people.

    If you want to get more 'political' there are groups of disabled people who act on behalf of disabled people who don't have a voice.

    Strange as it may seem I'm actually going to a board meeting as an observer of a political campaigning group to see whether I want to join their board.

    I would suggest you vent your anger through organisations who can help influence change

    This organisation is at the cutting edge for making change - see if you can join it's email bulletin to be bang up to date with disability issues.

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    To, Lighttouch,

    Thank you for that website, but there is no forum that I could find for discussions and debates!

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    don't mean to hijack this thread paul and as i mention id encourage everyone with a blue badge to register with the london CC scheme.

    with reference to above comment, it is my belief that having a disability does not mean you are disabled, disabled means broken, not working, inoperative, none of which are true in my case or for anyone with a disability.

    a disability is a medical diagnosis of impairment you are then classified disabled the two bear no relationship to one another it is a social term which is currently the preferred descriptive term for all those with disabilities.

    it is not about embarrassment or a denial of disability, its quite the opposite, my position is about not being labeled for administrative purposes and not giving up your right to privacy.

    a person with a disability should in my view be described as having an affected ability as in your disability/ies whatever they are now or become affect your ability in relation to that of an able bodied person, point being that as and when medical and technological advances have therapeutic effects people will come in and out of disability throughout there lives hence a constant re-evaluation and more flexible approach should be taken towards disability and how we live with and without.

    and that is where i believe the problem lies we are lagging behind and in danger of being caught out by our own disabilities. for example i have parkinsons but at 33 i can realistically have confidence that a cure and i mean cure will come during my lifetime, so at that point what happens i suddenly become un-disabled? if i accepted disabled then i accepted i am broken not working, and now i am fixed?,,,, no ,,,, what has happened is i now longer have parkinsons as a disability, maybe at that point i have another disability maybe i don't.

    the systems and legislation in place currently discriminate by describing all with disabilities as disabled, we are not members of a disabled club and i have no more in common with a person with a disability than i do with anyone else in the street and i feel categorised as a result.

    the easiest way i have found to highlight this is through motoring as labels/signage and systems abound.

    it made me laugh (actually out loud) when i was at the neurology hospital queens square yesterday and when returning to my car (paid and displayed by the way, just to hold off accusations!) i saw a young blue badge holder 30's setting her paper clock whilst her, i guess, partner was asking her which leg she wanted to use and literally had 2 carbon fibre prosthetics in each hand.

    thanks paul

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    you have to pay sometimes in central london, sometimes the badges dont work

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    My two disabled sons both have regular London hospital appoinments at guys and st Thomas's,we've been going to london for the duration of the congestion charge, we asked motability the first time the CC was bought out and told our vehicle is exempt.
    What we do have a problem with is street parking as we have a high top window van, Guys hospital is Camden council so the blue badge parking is fine but St Thomas's is Westminster council and they don't recognise the blue badge scheme, as they have there own scheme.

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