So put on news see u-turn on uc think oh good news went and read the story online firstly i didn't think they were starting to move people over til 2020 anyway so that wasn't new also yet again it doesn't really help those of us born with disabilities or got illnesses etc through no fault of our own it is only to help those that choose to breed more than needed to add to an already over populated country!! People make the decision on how many kids they have we have birth control, steralization which i've always thought should be compulsary after 2kids anyway so why help them and take there worry away. I know there will be those that disagree with me which is fine we are all entitled to an opinion. But for me i don't think benefit should be paid on more than 2 kids, and to be perfectly frank i think people who are able to work but are already on benefits shouldn't even think about having kids till they are working and if they do they shouldn't get benefits for the children they would think twice about having them then, i once heard a guy on bus saying he had 10kids with 4 women looking at him that shocked me but anyway he went on to say never worked ever and doesn't have to support any of them that's what the benefits are for!!! I think they should stop with making claims online only because there are a lot of people who have never had benefits lose job and no idea what to do they need someone to talk them through it also older people who aren't used to computers also not everyone on benefits can afford pcs and internet they are shutting down libraries what are these people supposed to do. Also anyone on disability benefits either group or either ir or cb i don't think should be in uc they are only doing that to stop the premiums, but we need to be looked at differently when it comes to benefits.
So here is what i think they should either just stop uc altogether but still ban benefits on more than 2 kids. Or if sticking with uc not include esa at all in it. And let people decide if they want to do their forms and journals etc online or with human contact! Ok rant over