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Thread: Disabled Caravanner pimps up ‘Harley Davidson’ Mobility Scooter to relive biker days

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    Disabled Caravanner pimps up ‘Harley Davidson’ Mobility Scooter to relive biker days

    Steve Bunker, 70 from Spalding Moor, Yorkshire, is a talented, retired engineer who needs assistance with his mobility and has ‘pimped up’ his 3-wheeler TGA Supersport mobility scooter to relive his biker days and so that he can continue touring the UK with his caravan.

    Steve is a real character and has always had a passion for mechanics with a career in developmental engineering that spanned over 30 years. He has lived in Yorkshire for over 20 years with his wife and even though he has compressed lower vertebrae, Steve is able to enjoy independence in his surrounding scenic countryside thanks to a ‘Harley Davidson’ mobility scooter from TGA. With 2000 miles already clocked up on his scooter over three years, Steve has decided to employ his engineering prowess to modify the black and chrome Supersport so it resembles more of a road trike than a mobility product. This remarkable machine accompanies him around the UK as he tours with his adapted, ex-Police Vauxhall Omega MV6 estate and 22ft 6 berth caravan and has experienced countless opportunities to drive off road and discover remote parts of the country. In the past few years Steve’s powerful Supersport has allowed him to explore the whole of Southern England, the Midlands, Durham and Whitby and he spent 12 weeks touring Scotland, the Okneys and Western Isles. Steve was a keen motorcyclist when younger and his Supersport reminds him of bikes he used to own such as a highly modified Royal Enfield Crusader Sport and BSA Goldflash with Wessex sidecar which delivered that unbeatable ‘open road’ sensation. His appreciation of outstanding TGA engineering also comes from his passion for steam locomotives as he spent many years of his youth at the Nine Elms engine shed in South East London. Steve also has a vested interest in the A1 Steam Locomotive Trust who helped to build the first steam engine in 60 years as his son is the Operational Director of the highly publicised ‘Tornado’.

    This ‘Easy Rider’ TGA Supersport is popular across the UK with individuals looking for a mobility scooter that resembles more of a motortrike than a traditional ‘old fashioned’ product, which appealed to Steve as he explains: “I had previously tried various mobility scooters but being an old biker, the Supersport attracted me with its stability, reliability, performance and rugged design – perfect! I have completed all my modifications and am really chuffed with the end result; this piece of kit is now definitely unique on the roads of Yorkshire. The many hours I have spent in adapting my scooter has now resulted in a design that features twin horns, additional lights, telescopic forks, an auxiliary socket for CD player and mobile phone, hydraulic seat suspension, 14 x 6” Mazda MX5 rear wheels, easy rider foot rests and modified hub caps. Even though the basic TGA Supersport is a very sturdy scooter and used by many members of the Disabled Ramblers Association, my bespoke machine takes mobility to another level and is such fun. The wider rear car wheels give me much more traction and wherever I have ventured across the UK, however remote, my Supersport has never let me down – I completely trust its ability to cope with tough terrain. I believe it is a powerful as the TGA Breeze S4 that won the BBC Top Gear extreme mobility scooter challenge back in February. I may be 70, but don’t feel a day over 30 hence I look forward to many more adventures in the future on my beloved Supersport.”

    Designed to reflect the characteristics of a motorcycle, the TGA Supersport provides a visual statement along with rugged performance. One of the more established products from TGA, the Supersport has an impressive and trusted heritage for stability, manoeuvrability and the capability to handle most off road situations. Whether providing independence in town or in rural settings, Steve has the advantage of a top speed of 12km/h (8mph), a range of 32km (20miles) and a high ground clearance of 125mm (5”). If further distance is required then batteries can be upgraded to heavy-duty versions which then provide a range of up to 48km (30miles). The Supersport will transport a user weighing up to 160kg (25stone) and is capable of negotiating a 21% incline. The Supersport is only available in black and chrome and there are long chassis and extra wide seat versions available. Optional accessories include a lockable rear box, sun canopy and second rear view mirror.

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    Steve Bunker proudly shows off his pimped up ‘Harley Davidson’ TGA Supersport mobility scooter. This unique black and chrome trike allows him to continue exploring the UK with his caravan despite living with restricted mobility.
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