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Thread: camp site with full disabled access

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    camp site with full disabled access

    My family own a piece of land in the countryside in Kent that we would like to use as a campsite with ready made yurts/camping pods etc. However the idea was put to us about maybe catering specifically for wheelchair users instead of just offering a few facilities.

    Is this something that would be wanted?
    If so what sort of things would be on your wishlist?
    Any advice would be appreciated.

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    I'm guessing by the views vs the lack of replies that this is something that isn't required?
    I have tried contacting various disability sites but have been met with a wall of silence.

    I'm sorry if i have wasted your time

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    I'm sorry to see that you've had no replies, please dont think that your sentiments are not appreciated. They are .
    I can only think that like myself some people only visit occasionally, this can be for a variety of reasons from access, holidays to ongoing health reasons.
    Another reason is that a lot of the 'Disabled Community' are very demoralised at the present time feeling under siege from the savage Liberal/Tory attacks & cutbacks inflicted on us to pay for the 50p tax cut.
    Regarding your OP personally my family have always enjoyed camping despite myself being in a wheelchair, it's nice to mix with other people on the campsite and particularly in this country disabled facilities can be quite sparse.
    I recently visited a site that had superb facilities, showers, wash-up area with lower sink for our use & boarded all-weather paths for easy navigation BUT the footpath exit had a kissing gate so wheelchairs had to take a detour.
    When I pointed this problem out the owners hadn't actually realised as it had been there for years and no-one had complained.

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