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Thread: Advice Needed Early Renal Kidney Failure Going On Dialysis & Benefits Advice

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    Advice Needed Early Renal Kidney Failure Going On Dialysis & Benefits Advice

    Hi, My Name Is Melissa, I am 35yrs old and have suffered with Early Renal Kidney Failure since the age of 8 yrs old.

    The illness has progressed throughout the years upto today where i am now at a low of 6% kidney function and am going through Dialysis training for the Near future where i will be Placed into full term dialysis. I am looking to have a Fistula operation very soon also and i am going onto the transplant list. Its unlikely that i will receive a kidney transplant before going onto dialysis.

    My question really has to do with benefits.

    I am a mother of 2 children aged 9 and 4 ,and i currently receive Income support benefits and child benefits ect.

    I have been told that i will have to make a claim for sick benefits because of my condition and although i have never bothered with this benefits option before i feel it really is now the time to make the change and make my claim for disability benefits.

    The problem i have is knowing what i should be claiming and how to go about it.

    After looking online i have found out that i will not receive any sick benefits as such and that i will only be offered Universal Credits, With nothing in terms of Disability's.

    I do know that there used to be the option for ESA DWP & PIP. But after my investigations i have found little help in relation to my disability's.

    So my question is can anybody advise me as to what i should be doing in terms of making a claim for my disability.

    Is there any benefits for being ill and disabled or is my only option Universal Credits.

    If there is the option to claim any sick benefits please advise me so that i may inquire correctly.

    Thank you all

    Happy New Year


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    Hi Melissa,
    I'm very surprised that no one has replied to you yet but i'm sure they will.
    In the meantime, I suggest that you look into claiming PIP ( Personal Independence Payment ), a benefit for those who have some sort of disability. ( It replaces Disability Living Allowance ( DLA ) that you may have heard of before.

    I'll add a few links that might help to give you some idea of the process until Nukecad or someone else happens by with some info for you.

    What is PIP?

    Benefits And Work PIP Self Test.
    This will not only give you an idea of what questions will be on the form but you can fill it in as you go along to give you some idea of how you might score. PIP is paid ( or not ) depending on a point score.
    You need 8 points on the Daily Living Section for a Standard Rate of PIP ( £57.30 per week ) and 12 points for an award at the Enhanced Rate ( £85.60 per week )

    For the Mobility Component, again you need 8 points for the Standard Award ( £22.65 per week ) and 12 points for the Enhanced Award ( £59.75 )

    You can be awarded either of the components or both. For example, you could be awarded Standard Daily Living and Enhanced Mobility, or Standard and Standard etc.

    The important thing to remember is that PIP is not about your diagnosis, it is about how your illness/disability affects you.

    Using the questions on the self test, you can start making notes about the difficulties you have and the help you need. You don't get much time to fill the form in by the time it arrives, so if you can give yourself a head start on answering the questions it will help you.

    Also, here is a link to an old thread which might be of interest to you

    Best of luck!

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    Hello Melissahicking

    I agree that you may want to look at Applying for PIP (Personal Independence Payment).

    At first glance you may wonder how YOU fit into the descriptors. However, as has already been said, PIP is ALL about how
    you personally are affected by your health conditions/disability.

    I would be surprised if - with your described condition, you are not exhausted, which has an impact on your abilities to carry out some of the daily living tasks.

    Are you on medications? Do these have side affects that also impact your abilities to carry out some of the daily living tasks?

    Best of luck.

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    Hi Melessa,

    As the others have said PIP is something that you should be looking to claim, it has nothing whatsoever to do with Universal Credit and can be claimed whatever else you chose to do.

    Then you can stay on your existing benefits (for a few years), or claim Universal Credit.

    You don't mention a partner so I'm assuming that you don't have one in the rest of this reply.

    'Old Style' ESA can no longer be claimed, except in very special circumstances it has been replaced by UC for new claims.
    'New Style' ESA is probably a no-go for you as you will not have the required NI payments to claim 'New Style' ESA unless you have been working.

    UC could be claimed on the grounds of being unable to work because of ill health.
    That would mean you would be sent a UC50 questionaire about how your health affects your ability to work, and would probably need to have a face to face 'Work Capability Assessment'
    As long as you tell them from the start that you can't work because of ill health, and supply doctors Fit Notes (sicknotes) then they will not ask you to do any jobsearching.
    Once you have had the assessment then if they agree that you are unable to work there will be no need for any more Fit Notes.
    If you are given the highest Limited Capability award (LCWRA) there would also be extra money.

    Your current Income Support and Child Benefits will be 'Naturally Migrated' into UC from the start of any UC claim you make, as will any Housing Benefit if you claim that.

    At the moment you have the choice not to claim UC and stay on your existing benefits instead.
    But sometime in the coming years your existing benefits will be 'Managed Migrated' into UC anyway.
    You should still aply for PIP whatever you decide about your existing benefits.

    You could try putting your current circumstances into one (or more) of the online benefit calculators, saying you are too ill to work:

    You might also want to see a local welfare/benefits advisor who can go through the options with you face to face.
    You can find local advice centres by putting your postcode ine here:

    Please come back with anymore questions that you have and we'll try our best to help.
    I don't know everything. - But I'm good at searching for, and finding, stuff.

    Migration from ESA to Universal Credit- Click here for information.

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