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Thread: Wheelchair with adjustable height handle(s)

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    Busy mum

    Wheelchair with adjustable height handle(s)

    Hi, my son is an occasional use wheelchair user. I have an off road 3 wheeler buggy which is great for somethings but too long to take around shops (used my wheelchair voucher to get this). I still need something compact and easy to manoevre with adjustable height carers handle - either one central one or two but that are adjustable as I am tall and have back problems. My son has no specific postural requirements, he just gets tired if we are out for long periods of time or decides he won't cooperate. He is unlikely to self propel due to level of learning difficulties but I want big back wheels as I've read this makes life much easier. He is a very slim, tall 13yrs. It seems to be more my needs that need to be factored in ie I'm lifting it in and out of the car, pushing etc! I will be funding this myself with the help of charity I hope. Can anyone suggest some for me to look at?
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