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Thread: Doctors charging to certify disability for a bus pass?

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    Doctors charging to certify disability for a bus pass?

    My fiancé has just moved in with me, and needs to get a disabled bus pass. This has to be signed by a doctor or health practioner as normal. He says that he has always been charged to do this in the past, and I was surprised. Does anyone know if that is correct?

    Seems unfair as disabled people have no choice but to ask the doctor?

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    I haven't been charged by my GP for anything to be honest. If my Council contacted her about my bus pass application I don't know, but I didn't pay any costs whatsoever and had no problem getting it ...

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    If your partner receives DLA or has a Blue Badge then he shouldn't need a Doctors letter.

    My surgery charge everyone £10, no matter what the reason.
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    I don't think mine would ever have charged, as I think it could be they could be discriminating against disabled otherwise by not providing a service as a reasonable adjustment plus I am so well known in the area such a thing could be a real headache if they ever wanted to think about it, as I know a whole lot of press contacts etc.

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