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Thread: Been Disabled - The Costs

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    someone here has also said the same that i should not of been discharged till the services were in place. it is like anything else they are only now interested in getting the bed and the health is coming second.

    since posting the only service i had has since dumped me, physio for reasons unknown were not even made aware that there was simple home exercises which could of been carried til i was seen by the ent team, because of this the basic care i have received has fallen to sub standard levels and i have had no choice but to report it.

    the situation was so poor that this idiot of a physio was only expecting me to remain housebound until at least in to the middle of January which if further testing is required then it could run in to March i mean for gods sake what was he and the hospital supportive team thinking.

    the condition i have been diagnosed with which is making my mobility unstable can result in fainting and collapse and even a risk assessment has not been carried out and i am now at 3 weeks on Monday.

    i have been in touch with social care services and someone came to see me i am waiting for the second part now and am going to chase on Monday as this has been a while.

    if there is no resolution then i am going to contact my M.P like you say you have to just shout loud to get anything now.

    at least help the aged are helping me but that is very limited and is only once a week.

    i am in a very poor situation due to hospital blunders and i feel that if things carry on then i am going to seek legal advice.

    sadly it seems this discharge issue and not getting any help is getting very widespread, i was on the BHF forum and people on there are having the same issues.

    i think over the weekend i might draft out something then get it ready to send to my local MP as i feel the patient liaison service may try and bluff out of this mess which the supportive discharge team have put me in.

    i feel for my poor doctors as they are doing there best to try and chase support services but even they seem to be struggling.

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    I just read your post on another thread - the danger of starting two threads on smae subject - and see your prob was LOW potassium! So ignore comments about HIGH potassium and do the opposite! Good news is you can stuff your face with chocolate. And red wine. Full of potassium.

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    when i did the last thread apparently there was endless spam which had been left for days so basically my post got lost within it.

    talking of potassium the strange symptoms i had in hospital have come back, a few days ago i thought something was wrong but not sure then this morning i got with worse symptoms and got straight on the phone and it does seem like the potassium has come back to haunt me.

    they are arranging for the bloods to be done and to get me checked if there is any inflammation which may need treating in the mean time i have been told to eat bananas along with the yummy chocolate.

    as there is no pin prick test for this like with diabetes it is also hard to tell if my potassium levels are going too high so getting the fine balance is very difficult.

    before this all happened i let myself go a bit and was basically starving myself during the day eating okay late afternoon but endless times of doing this has caught up with me.

    i have spoken with someone i know and her grandson who is only 3 is in hospital with the same problem so this shows it can happen at any age.

    also for anyone out there it can happen to anyone so if you are getting strange unexplained symptoms which tally with potassium problems then do get it check asap as it can be fatal.

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