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Hi Nukecad,

Thank you for your feedback. We plan to re-evaluate moderator cover in due course.

From the DLF team.
Thanks for the response.

I'm well aware what a PITA spammers are, it just seem odd to me that such a busy and popular site has no (or very little) Mod cover outide of office hours, especially at weekends.

Filters, while a great help, are not always the answer.
On another site we used to have a problem with spammers that would never have been caught by any filter.
(I won't give away secrets of what they were doing, I'll just say they were SEO spammers).

Last weekends attack shows just how much junk a spambot can put on the site in a couple of hours (14/15 pages worth on the 'New posts').
A weekend mod could have spotted that and banned/blocked the user account before it got to that stage.

As already noted above myself and others here who are experienced mods on other fora have offered our services.

I look forward to further developments.

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We are a small charity -
From the bottom of this page - "DLF is part of Shaw Trust".
Shaw Trust is one of the largest 25 charities in the UK.