just come out of hospital after nearly a 2 week stay.

i went in with a suspected bowel infection along with racing heart issues.

i was initially treated for the bowel infection but it became obvious that something was seriously going wrong as i was along with cardiac issues getting some strange dizziness.

all of a sudden my mobility went down hill and i was walking like i was punch drunk with terrible dizziness the bowel surgeon was concerned and called in ENT who diagnosed that i was suffering from benign paroxysmal vertigo which is requiring more testing in due course, i am now om medication to help ease the problem but it still feels dreadful as i write this.

beginning of last week and there were still more concerns and a blood test showed that my potassium levels had become very low which can be dangerous leading to coma and death.

i was then treated via drip with saline along with sodium and also some kind of salt tablets. because the levels were so low for days on end i had endless cardiac issues.

finally over the last few days i have become more stable and am now how.

my life is now in tatters and now need to use various walking frames just to walk around, i am waiting for a rotator to enable me to start getting outside but it will be a long recovery.

i am over the weeks facing a barrage of tests including a stress tests to see if my body would cope with major surgery should it be needed.

i just feel like over the 2 weeks that i have been in a living hell and now still feel like crying, i have strength and know i can battle through this horrible situation.

this just shows how dangerous things can be for anyone who thinks it will never happen to them.