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Thread: need help with parents mobilty car

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    need help with parents mobilty car

    hi guys ,im new so be gentle with me
    my parents have car throu mobilty scheme which my mum drives as she dads carer ,the car is in dads name but shes the nomanation driver ,hoping im making sence
    they had car over a year now and its looking likely that dad needs to go live in care home due to dementia ,me and family are very worried about what happen to car etc and if allowed to keep after 3 yr lease would she be able to buy it? if so wot sort price would she get it for its renualt clio automatic
    thank u

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    Yes she should be able to buy it.

    The other question I'm not sure about. I think it depends on whether he will still be entitled to DLA HRM.

    Can you repost this question in the Benefits section as there are more knowledgable people (about benefits) on there?

    I'd rewrite the question slightly too... "My father who currently gets DLA HRM which enables him to get a Motability car is looking like he will be going into a Nursing Home. Will he still be entitled to DLA HRM and will he be able to keep his car?" ...something along those lines should do.
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    thanks will do that

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    thats a good idea

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