A month or so ago, I received a telephone call, from Jobcentre, which my carer took. He stated that my medical and mental health issues caused me to be housebound, bar urgent trips to hospital. A form was completed and returned to the Jobcentre. I then received an appointment for an ESA (?) Assessment. My relatively new and unfamiliar GP; was advised of this. I asked that arrangements be made for an home visit. (as was always the case in the past) My claim is an old one; and I was advised that I would no longer be needed to provide medical evidence. This was some fifteen years ago.

A letter was sent by my GP; Though it may have been written by a colleague, as he has been on holiday for four weeks. However, it was deemed that I should attend an assessment. The first appointment was postponed, in order for the GP's letter to be sent; they stated that this only arrived yesterday. I must attend the assessment, I only discovered this today, and that any further (beyond two!) changes of appointment, would result in my benefits being withdrawn. They stated that a cab was booked for tomorrow. Because of severe, childhood sexual abuse, this dis-empowerment is causing me to lose control. I do not easily mention this. Also, I regret any upset this might cause to others.
Add to which, my other complex medical conditions.

I moved to Brighton, approx; seven yrs ago; I have no social services/ welfare rights etc; infrastructure. I just wanted to be left alone, and never thought that, after having been reassured my condition warranted my benefits, that I would not need help defending them.