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Thread: Just had ESA medical..

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    Just had ESA medical..

    As the title says, just been for my ESA examination. I was in the room for all of 5 minutes, she was only interested in hearing about my IBS, and none of my other problems i have. Not sure on how it went the lady said they may want to see me again in a month or two but then she went on to say to wait at home for a letter. I didnt get to even speak about my other problems and how they effect my everyday life. All she was interested in was my irratable bowel and how and when it was diagnosed. I told her the name of the Rotherham Hospital consultant i had seen in may of this year.

    Thanks for reading
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    people have reported very short medicals

    people have reported rude unhelpful staff

    yet at the end of the day they got support group

    there is no way you can tell by the length of the medical not how the staff treated you what group you will end up in

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    Thanks for the reply dave, I am just a little peeved off that i didnt get the chance to speak about the other problems i have. Me and the wife went through it all at home beforehand so i explain it properly, to be told after a few minutes thats the end of the examination.

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