This is a letter I put together in a rant over a certain group moaning about the reduction in their benefits, I felt I had to state my case and I think it is the best way to introduce my sons issues and ascertain if there is any help available in his circumstances ........

In fact since I wrote this he has this weekend had to go back into hospital because his fistula has stopped working and had to have an operation to fit another, this means another 2 weeks on sick with minimum wage putting him further in debt .... it is never ending.

George Smith

The Rant

My son is a renal patient and on dialysis 3 times a week for 4/5 hour sessions, he is working in a physical job for not much more than minimum wage. Now you do the maths, ¾ hour to get to work, ¾ hour to get home. On a typical dialysis day he is up at 6am, starts work at 7am and leaves at 2pm to get home to shower and get to dialysis for a 4 or 5 hour session sometimes not getting in while after 9pm at night. Then he has to get up next day feeling like crap and go to work again and try and make up the extra hours he lost the day before.

Needless to say it is hard for him to manage a 40 hour week and then only to get marked down by his company on his attendance and criticised because on some days he is not 100% focused, callous b***ds the lot of them. He gets nothing, ziltch in any way from the state and it is only his pride that keeps him going, this is going to kill him and all I hear is people bitching over losing benefits and hand-outs.

OK he's a single guy, but isn't he part of society too and just because he has kept it in his pants and not increased the population why should he not get help, a word of advice for all these with upmteen kids to raise - CONTRACEPTION, the rest of us should not have to pay for your screw ups, can't afford kids - don't have them. Does that sound harsh well my sons condition is harsh and not caused through self abuse with drugs or alcohol and something he has battled with since being 3 years old until finally his kidneys gave in a year ago and he ended up on dialysis.

Why should he not get DLA (Disability Living Allowance), Tax Credits or Mobility Allowance in fact there should be a new allowance that rewards those who are trying and there is nothing in this broken system to help them. The only way he will get any help is when he collapses on site through exhaustion or has an accident and damages his fistula causing a bleed out. Then he may be deemed unfit for work and finally get some help, sad thing it might too late and he will become just another statistic of a system that doesn't give a damn.