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Thread: From motability car to private car - who do you insure your car with?

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    From motability car to private car - who do you insure your car with?

    Suppose my motability car lease is coming to an end and I have decided not to use the scheme again and want to buy a private car. Which company is best to get insured with?

    I know that when on the scheme I will not collect any NCB. When I leave the scheme I will have no NCB. I have heard that RSA insurance will write a letter regarding your claim free record. Some insurance companies will take me on with no NCB therefore a high premium, some may give me a starters NCB.

    Was wondering if there is a company out there that will recognise my clean claim free driving record and offer the NCB I deserve.

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    If you do a search on this forum you'll find a thread all about this topic.

    The consensus was to go with Fish Insurance who will give you a NCB from Motability.
    They are a disabled orientated Insurance firm and will give you a very competitive quote.

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    I did this recently and i went with more than insurance( they are comerical arm of same company as motability insurance), as i've never made a clain they gave me all the years i've been with motability as NCB, so the price was favourable.

    hope it woreks out for you

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    Thanks for the info

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    some other company's may give u ncb too, worth asking them?

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