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Thread: NHS Wheelchairs

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    NHS Wheelchairs

    I currently have a high powered electric wheelchair that I pay through the mobility component of my PIP. It uses up all of it. Iím always short of cash and was thinking about getting a chair of the Nhs. They have said they will offer one. I need to know how good are the electric wheelchairs that the Nhs provide compared to the private ones. I use it a lot and mostly outside.

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    Others should be able to answer this question in more detail, but as far as I know the NHS electric chairs are pretty bulky, and might not suit your needs (if you work out what these are). Say for instance if you need to get in a car/load in the back of a taxi, go round shops etc..

    If you look at crowdfunding/grants etc) you might get one far more suited to your needs.
    @reddivine might be able to part answer your Q as before getting her chairs, she did a lot of research.

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    The NHS offers Personal Wheelchair Budgets. This is what they are meant to be doing anyway.
    Theoretically they should be letting you get a wheelchair that meets your health and wellbeing needs. They aren't meant to be restricting your choice of wheelchairs, but broadening it. That aren't meant to provide you with a wheelchair, but a budget. Supposedly.

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    The first time I have read this. I havent been on the forum for a while. So , swadez this question was aked a while back. Do you still need advice?

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    When I applied for an MHS E5lectric Wheelchair they said I met the criteria but couldn't have one as I didn't have a ramp.

    So I had professional plans drawn up to make a metal ramp with railings both sides that I'd pay for. Their reply - sorry it has to be permanent.

    OK so the Council could install it under the Disability Facilities Grant. Sorry no they can't as you get a Private Pension. So I say OK I'll pay for the Council to install a permanent ramp. The Council said 'sorry you can't unless you also pay for a bog standard wetroom'.

    So in the end I bought a Quickie Xenon foldable wheelchair with a bolt on motor that I use outdoors only and it's kept in my car.

    NHS wheelchairs are bulky, heavy and ugly. The Wheelchair service will offer you a 'voucher' worth about £300 towards a privately bought wheelchair.

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    NHS Wheelchairs

    Yep John and Mike Box great people I have known them for over 20 years. I have a had a few colours eclipse chairs their flag ship chair back in the day. I also used to play a lot of wheelchairs sports against the colours team great athletes.

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