Hi. Haven't been here for a little while but hoping for any advice or experience. I wasn't sure which section this fitted into but it sort of relates to pip.

I have been receiving direct payments from adult social services for some years. For anyone who doesn't know, this is where social services assess people as needing support from them, and provide funds (direct payments) so people can either employ their own pa or use an agency or do whatever else as long as they are using the money to meet their care needs. Naturally, people are expected to make a financial contribution which can come out of disability benefits.

While I was getting DLA, I was happily paying a fairly low contribution. Now I'm getting PIP, my contribution has increased X3. Instead of only taking my PIP into consideration, they take ESA disability premiums as well. This means I am much worse off despite getting a higher rate of PIP than I did on DLA.

My dilemma is this: what I'm being asked to contribute won't leave me with enough to buy the things that really help me such as supplements and fortnightly acupuncture, and more importantly the amount of taxi fares I use. The council have refused to consider these. I get a scooter with motability, but I spent a lot more than what is leftover on taxis.

My other option is to stop direct payments and completely self fund my care out of my PIP money. My concern is that this will make it more difficult to get PIP in the future without social services involvement. It would mean having more flexibility with my care (pay as you go rather than contract in some respects).

Has anyone stopped using direct payments and completely self funded, or do you know anyone who has? I'm worried about making the wrong decision and that perhaps I should try to manage making the contribution they are asking for, but just before Christmas will be a nightmare. I'd appreciate any thoughts info or experiences.