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Thread: Surprised - New ESA claim, put in support group without medical

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    Quote Originally Posted by maggieomx View Post
    hiya lighttouch i feel stupid for asking this but i got a reply back today after sending in my esa form to migrate from ICB and IS iv been told im entitled to both CONTRIBUTION BASED AND INCOME RELATED ESA ??!! please can you explain this in laymans terms please ? and put in support group i only posted the form on20th july so it s 2 weeks to the day !! i got my result back , i didnt send any letters or anything just a few old appointment letters !
    also there are no dates for when i will be assessed again ? is this un usual ? thanks
    IB was a contributory benefit, i.e, you needed the necessary amount of IN Contributions from paid employment to be entitled to it.

    Therefore, when transferred to ESA, you would be entitled to CB ESA. ( again a contributory benefit)

    Some people who were entitled to IB were also entitled to IS,(as a top-up) as they may be long term, in receipt of DLA Middle or Higher Care, or other reasons particular to their own circumstances. Therefore as IR ESA is the equivalent of IS, in this situation they would receive an IR ESA top up, So that is how you could be entitled to CB ESA with an IR ESA top up.

    You don't get told in your ESA notification letter how long the award will last before you are reassessed. You would have to ring up or write to find this out. As you didn't have a F2F assessment you could request the ESA85A med report, this should include the recommendation for when you should be reassessed, and give reasons why you were placed in the support group.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TMD View Post
    Hi davewhit, please could you tell me where you got the information regarding this? I am having an awful job of trying to establish whether any of the components of my ESA claim are Income Related. My ESA award letter states a total amount of ESA of £119.85, but it does not break it down or state whether each component of it is contributions based or income based. I've worked out that it must be broken down thus: £71.00 basic, £34.05 Support Group and £14.80 Enhanced Disability. At the end of the first page of the letter, it states 'This assessment is based on your National Insurance Contribution Record' then there is another page where it states 'The payment of Employment and Support Allowance is based on your National Insurance Contribution records and any additional amount the law says you need to live on', but, again, there is no breakdown of the £119.85 it only details on that page the basic £71.00 component stating that component as being contributions based, but no mention of the other components at all. On contacting ESA on several occasions, I was told by the front line advisers that my ESA was Income based, they even confirmed this with the hospital when I went for a wig fitting and I got my wig fress based on the ESA front line adviser confirming to the hospital that I was on income based ESA. But then on one occasion, when finally getting to talk to one of the back office claims assessors, I was told quite abruptly by them that my ESA award is contributions based. Because of this, when wanting to claim back my hospital treatment expenses, I was told by a Macmillan adviser that I would have to fill in form HC1 in order to get an HC2 certificate so I could claim back my hospital expenses from the hospital's cashier's office. I did this, but then NHSBSA, who deal with the HC2 certificates, contacted me and told me that I did not need to do this as my ESA has an income related component to it and that I need to get ESA to send me a letter stating I was on both contributions and income based ESA so that I can show this to the hospital's cashier's office and get my hospital expenses back. The result now is stalemate as I cannot claim my hospital expenses because I don't a letter stating 'income related' on it and NHSBSA are adamant my ESA has got an income related element to it and so they will not issue me with a HC2 certificate. This is all very stressful as you can imagine. Sorry this post is so long.
    If you are getting the Enhanced Disability Premium, this is paid in the form of an IR ESA top up, so in that case you are in receipt of IR ESA.

    If you contact the DWP they should supply you with a letter confirming that part of your ESA is IR ESA, which you can then use as proof of entitlement for free prescriptions, hospital travel expenses, etc.

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    hi mickeydt1 i'm as serious as a heart attack! but like i said earlier i've no experience with computers and the like only just learned how to post on this site my son learnt me he set up all my e mail address and such i'm useless i worry about having to go out to retrain not only with stoma but the fatigue as you will know yourself some comes from malnourishment some from meds and been diagnosed with cfs not very alert most of the time so worry about meeting deadlines and such if i work for a agency i don't know anyone who works from home to ask advice from and i most probablly be having a chat with JC when atos has done with me oh well same s*** differant day

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    after meds i all ways get shaky so was wondering what it was until you mentioned it, not good to say the least.

    the admins on here should set up a little section where we can all express how we feel, soon be full

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    yes it would get full but maybe it would be a wee bit depressing to read in these times maybe we should have a section of jokes and funny stories of course atos is the biggest joke of them all but nobodys laughing

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