This man is unbelievable;
I have sent an email to him, and was hoping as many of you as possible will do the same. Please feel free to copy and paste, or re-jig to your own words. This man needs a wake up call;

Mr Gauke

As a member of the worse government to date, I think using the words 'MORALLY WRONG' is a bit of a joke right? YOUR Government give tax breaks to the rich, and take benefits of the poorest and the most vulnerable, sick, and disabled, food banks are opening to help these people and you use the words 'MORALLY WRONG!' hells bells you need a wake up call my man. YOUR WHOLE GOVERNMENT is 'MORALLY WRONG', and whats more they should leave Government NOW, you are outrageous, talking of being 'MORALLY WRONG' when thousands of disabled people have,or are contemplating suicide rather than STARVE to death…yes thats where you should be using the expression 'MORALLY WRONG'. What sort of human being can sleep at night KNOWING that the poor,sick, and disabled are wondering where their next meal will come from, or even if they will have a roof over their heads the next day. You are a disgrace, your whole Government are a disgrace, before you open you mouth again, maybe you should look at how 'MORALLY WRONG' Grayling/ IDS/Cameron are, and get your party to change this NOW.

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