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    Seems to be a load of spam on here today by various accounts how do they get so many accounts without being checked by ??

    Sad really that this happens when the forum is for HELPING people!

    Give some forum members power to STOP the SPAMMERS!!

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    I guess they don't actually post on here ? Anyone know if there's someone to message apart from reporting posts!

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    There's a 'Contact Us' button at the bottom right of each page where you can send the admin an email message.

    The 'Report Post' does not do that, each report makes a notification message that each mod can see when they login to the forum.
    (They may also get an email that there is a report, but that's a setting and may be turned off).
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    Thanks Nukecad, I will send them a wake ? up message!

    Why they don't make regular members moderators is odd most forums will have about six people running various sections.

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