i had an assessment for incontinence and was accepted for free pads via nhs.

i got my delivery and tried on one pad they are the flex belted garment not mentioning any company name.

after 1 hour of use there was clearly an issue as the front part of the pad felt abnormal and when i took it off i could see that the inner core had broken up, been a user of these sort of pads before i had never experienced this problem.

because the inner core had crumbled this meant that there was only the very thin mesh left at the front resulting in the pad drooping and not fitting properly.

i contacted my district nurses who had carried out the assessment who told me to try a second pad and be blown exactly the same thing happened where the inner core crumbled again after only about an hour of use.

i contacted the manufacturer who seemed to care less and now i am also struggling to get the supplies back.

some suggestion was to burn the whole lot or dig a big hole in the garden

does this seem like some kind of manufacturer fault? to me been a previous flex user these what i got seem very flimsy to say the least.

any input welcome.